“I am going into my 6th year as an NFL player and the longer I play, the more knowledge I gain in how to better my craft. There are tons of misconceptions when it comes to football and in strength training in general. Most people assume that bigger is better and the only way to get stronger is by lifting a ton of weights. However, as my career progressed, I

Barrett Ruud, Professional Football Player, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Barrett Ruud, Professional Football Player, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

found that weight training is not the most beneficial way for me to improve as an athlete. I did Pilates for the first time about five years ago, and have been a big fan of it ever since. It is a phenomenal way to improve flexibility, core strength, body alignment and joint strength. I have worked harder in a Pilates session then I have ever worked in strength training.

Most of the better strength and conditioning coaches today incorporate many of the Pilates movements in their daily workouts. The Pilates Method is definitely looked at as being very effective to athletes of all sports. I continue to do Pilates today and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a great workout.”

Barrett Ruud





Connor coaching Dr. Eric Crimmins with a challenging side plank on the trapeze table


I have been doing Pilates for a couple of years now, and I would recommend it highly to anyone, from the novice to the high-level athlete. I think its origins are in physical rehabilitation, injury prevention and recovery for dancers and athletes, but the principles apply to the human body at any level of fitness. That is important because many activities we undertake to maintain fitness can lead to injury, such as with running, or to overdevelopment and a sort of structural imbalance, for example with weight training. What I’ve found so far working with Connor Dawson is that Pilates is always challenging, but rewarding. The first few sessions are really about evaluating your status: strengths and deficiencies, flexibility, posture, and symmetry. I think that Pilates Method does a great job of making those evaluations and then designing a program to make improvements where they are most needed. For me that means getting outside of a comfort zone and working on things that in my self-guided exercises I would neglect. The principles are sound: improve core strength for stability; maintain a spinal posture to minimize stress and back injury; and perform exercises with strict attention to technique to maximize their effectiveness; and strive for symmetry and proper limb mechanics to prevent overuse injury. To me the program has seemed like a hybrid fitness regimen and physical therapy with a sound basis in science. I have been impressed by the professionalism at the studio and in working with Connor. And I look forward to the workouts each week: they are fun, and I feel better because of them!

Eric Crimmins MD








Monica working with Becky Breed

Monica working with Becky Breed


For over 15 years, I have been a student of Monica Dawson’s pilates studio, Pilates Method.   My initial concern when I came to her was to strengthen my back and my core.  On both counts, Monica’s precision and masterful teaching has helped me become stronger, more flexible – and much more. During a workout, I feel more in my body and experience an increased sense of confidence, encouraging me to attempt exercises that I thought were initially unattainable.

The sessions are both serious and fun and while Monica has an eye for what my specific body needs, she also incorporates a welcoming, playful attitude towards the issue of personal fitness.  She knows very well what each of us needs to go to the next level, and she appropriately challenges us to keep trying.  Monica executes customized plans for every client with the skill of a master teacher, analyzing the scope and sequence of the Pilates exercises and breaking down the movements when necessary.  She easily customizes the instruction to fit our particular needs and levels of motivation, and within a group session, can successfully instruct 2 – 4 individuals who have varying concerns and levels of ability.

I have personally witnessed Monica assisting clients who come in with injuries.  Whether individuals have knee, hip or back injuries, Monica has made a positive difference in the quality of their lives.  She zeroes in on the particular complaints and assists clients in helping them learn how to strengthen or adapt to their unique situations.  Monica works hard to meet each person’s individual needs and will come back week after week equipped with revised or new exercises to try to change their physical conditions.

More than anything, Monica believes that Pilates not only changes the physical dimensions of people’s lives, but also enhances our emotional and mental attitudes by building on success.  Each session is planned to enable clients to be successful, to feel good about our bodies, and the improved strength, agility and posture that follow.  Whether we make small or big changes, Monica is there – rooting us on, supporting us in every way possible.  She is our eternal cheerleader and supporter of our personal fitness and well being, believing in us even though we still at times carry our small seeds of doubt.

– Becky Breed



Sarah Mccurley with Olivia (2 years old) and Thomas (4 months old)

Sarah McCurley with Olivia (2 yrs old) and Thomas (4 mos old)

“Pregnant with my first child, on a recommendation from my ob-gyn, I started Pilates with Monica. I continued throughout my entire pregnancy, up until the week I delivered. Monica is knowledgeable and adjusts the exercises accordingly. My labor was quick and my body bounced back quickly, to even better shape than before!  Now I’ve been doing Pilates for 4 years through 2 pregnancies and can’t say enough about what it has done for my figure.”

Sarah McCurley








Cary with Dr. Geoff McCullen and family

Cary with Dr. Geoff McCullen and family


“I have been a client of Monica’s for close to 10 years. I have stuck with it for all of these years for many reasons. I like the exercises themselves- I enjoy the strength Pilates has given me, as well as the increased balance and core control. But I think that the greater part of my experience has come from Monica herself. No two workouts are ever the same- they build on themselves, but are always changing to target different areas of the body. Also, Monica takes into account our individual strengths and problems.

At the start of each class we are encouraged to share any issues we may be having that day. If my back is acting up, she will make sure to show me ways to protect it during the session. I was already doing Pilates and became pregnant with my fourth child. Monica continued to work with me throughout my pregnancy, even getting in touch with other instructors to find out the safest way to work with me.

I think that the greatest benefit Monica brings to her Pilates sessions is her talent as a trainer as well as a Pilates instructor. She is constantly aware of our form and corrects it to make sure we are getting the most out of each session, as well as to prevent injury. It has made a big difference in my own body awareness and has spoiled me to many other large exercise classes where there is no one to see if you are really doing the moves correctly.

Finally, all these years of Pilates have not only increased my strength, body awareness, flexibility and stability, it has also added many new friends to my life, not the least of these is Monica herself. I wholeheartedly recommend Pilates Method as an all-around enriching experience.”

Cary McCullen



Dr. James Wickless and wife, Mimi. Both are clients of Pilates Method

Dr. James Wickless and wife, Mimi. Both are clients of Pilates Method

“Like many dentists who bend and twist over their patients all day, I’ve suffered my share of back pain over the years. But, four years ago, at the insistence of my wife, I began a regular course of Pilates instruction and workouts and since (actually after just a few weeks) my core strength improved to the point where bending and twisting, shoveling snow, and picking up grandkids was no longer a sure ticket to the heating pad. It improved my posture (I tended to “hunch over” the computer) and the fast paced workouts actually helped me to lose over 20 pounds. As self-disciplined as I like to think I am, I know I wouldn’t do the workouts without Monica pushing me…having a personal trainer makes all the difference. And here’s the best part…..I actually miss it when I can’t make it to the session.”

Jim Wickless (Dr. Wickless and his wife have been loyal clients of Pilates Method for the past 15 years)




Monica working with Judy Greenwald at Studio

Monica and Judy Greenwald at Studio



I’ve been working with Monica at Pilates Method for 15 years now.  I went to her originally because I’d read of the benefit Pilates has for people with scoliosis and although I’ve been practicing yoga and running for many years, I thought strengthening my core muscles and working with resistance would be a good next step.  I believe I was right!

Pilates had improved my balance, my body awareness, and overall strength.  Monica has been diligent in both monitoring and adapting her lessons to accommodate my back and I especially appreciate the way her lessons build on previous work.  She is masterful in creating the regimen.. with warm-ups, gradual increases in complexity and transitioning students from one “exercise” to the next.  I always look forward to my weekly sessions with Monica, appreciating the effort we all give to the lesson, the encouragement and sense of accomplishment.

–Judy Greenwald