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Postural Deviations – 3 Types

The Three Most Common Postural Deviations  Postural deviations commonly begin in childhood but can also be brought on by an imbalance in the strength of opposing muscle groups. If they are left undetected, they will generally lead to bigger problems. Head tilt, shoulder tilt, hip tilt and forward head are common signals of postural deviation […]

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NEW Balanced Body Reformers with Inifinity Footbars

Offering unsurpassed adjustability, the Balanced Body Reformer® combines the most innovative Footbar and Springbar systems available. The revolutionary Infinity Footbar® and Revo Springbar systems give you more than 160 adjustable, locking positions. This allows you to accommodate people of virtually any height and level of ability, including children. Used by clinicians in private practice, rehabilitation […]

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Meet Kristine Fischer

Kristine Fischer is 26 years old and a native of Nebraska.  She is a proud graduate of Polestar Pilates Education teaching training program.  She graduated from Bellevue University with a bachelor’s degree in business management and for the last 4 years, was employed by Scheels Sporting Goods in the hunting and fishing department.  Her passion […]

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Reflecting on my own teaching as a Pilates practitioner

Reflecting on my own teaching. Why have I become a movement teacher? Do I take the time to really teach each individual in front of me? How can I tell if my students are learning from me? What progress do I see? I love the opportunity to help my clients solve their own challenges like […]

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Pilates Method NEW Home

Pilates Method moved into its new home at 6031 South 58th Street, Suite B, Lincoln, Nebraska as of Monday, January 31, 2011.  The interior of the Studio is so spacious and cheerful.  I am so grateful for the work of my husband, Alan and help from son, Connor.  The support of my clients were tremendous.  […]

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A New Home for Pilates Method

Alan and I have recently purchased a new home for Pilates Method.  It is located in the Trade Center at 6031 South 58th Street, Suite B. The Studio is in the process of being remodeled.  The new space will give the Studio quite a bit of extra space.  We are vigorously working at getting the […]

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Testimonial from Becky Breed

For over ten years, I have been a student of Monica Dawson’s pilates studio, Pilates Method.   My initial concern when I came to her was to strengthen my back and my core.  On both counts, Monica’s precision and masterful teaching has helped me become stronger, more flexible – and much more. During a workout, I […]

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What should I do besides Pilates to get the most well-rounded fitness routine?

This is a frequent question… Well, deciding how much and what type of exercise you do will depend largely on your goals.  Pilates is a conditioning exercise and is  great for toning.  While it is challenging, it is not a cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, biking or swimming. The most recent guidelines for physical activity, […]

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Breathing and Pilates

When we breathe effectively, oxygen flows into our blood which flows through our muscles. More oxygen in the muscles equals more relaxed muscles. The more effectively we breath in Pilates, the more we can release those tense muscles “trying to help out” in our exercises. Think of it like this.. your muscles need oxygen right? […]

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