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Breathing and Pilates

When we breathe effectively, oxygen flows into our blood which flows through our muscles. More oxygen in the muscles equals more relaxed muscles. The more effectively we breath in Pilates, the more we can release those tense muscles “trying to help out” in our exercises. Think of it like this.. your muscles need oxygen right? […]

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Basic exercises that will help your awareness with using your abs and not your hip flexors

Basic exercises that can help increase your awareness and set the foundation for abdominal strength and body mechanics that balance your abs and hip flexor use: Half Dead Bugs: In half dead bugs, we use the abdominal muscles to stabilize the pelvis so that we can feel the subtleties of the hip flexors at work. […]

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Working your Abs and not your Hip Flexors

First, the hip flexors are a group of muscles that bring the thigh and trunk of the body closer together. You use your hip flexors in many daily activities like walking, stepping up, and bending over.. Obviously, we need our hip flexors. But we usually don’t need them as much as we use them in […]

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Posture and Alignment Exercises

Begin Standing.  Stand with your feet and legs directly under your hips.  Your legs and feet are parallel, and your knees are pointing forward, straight but not locked. Balance Your Weight.  Adjust your body so that your weight feels like it is falling directly through the middle of the foot.  You should feel equal pressure […]

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