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To gain more success from your Pilates workouts

  Having taught Pilates for over ten years, I thought of 8 simple things that would help my clients have a more successful Pilates session. 1.) you must relax. Relaxing is the first step of every Pilates workout. 2) you must focus. The mind is the one that builds the body. 3) you must breath […]

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Knee Pains

Last week, the subject for my blog was WEAK HIPS. One of the nearest joints closest to the hips are the knees. The best way to prevent a knee problem (or recover from one) is to maintain a healthy weight and improve the flexibility and conditioning of the knee’s stabilizing muscles so the joint is […]

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Weak Hips

I ponder about the next subject for my blog, and decided nothing would be more applicable then to write about injuries that I see in myself. Having done a half marathon recently, my mind gravitate towards the lower extremity..the hip. So, this week, let’s focus on WEAK HIPS! Let’s see if you have weak hips. […]

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What should I do besides Pilates to get the most well-rounded fitness routine?

This is a frequent question… Well, deciding how much and what type of exercise you do will depend largely on your goals.  Pilates is a conditioning exercise and is  great for toning.  While it is challenging, it is not a cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, biking or swimming. The most recent guidelines for physical activity, […]

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