Testimonial from A. Korpas

I  have been doing pilates with Monica for about eight months.  I have
always been an active person, but I have noticed three things from
pilates that I haven’t achieved from any other exercise.  The first is
the amount of tone and muscle definition I’ve gained from pilates.  The
second is the *dramatic* improvement to my posture.  As I’ve aged, and
perhaps with being a mom, my posture has degenerated.  Pilates has
strengthened my core, allowing my posture to improve, but it has also
made me much more aware of my posture, enabling me to address the
problem.  It is still something I need to work on daily, but I’m getting
better, thanks to pilates.  And third, I know that Monica works a lot of
different muscles, including ones I’ve never even thought about before,
because I have never been as sore from any exercise as I have from

As a mother of a young child, I have limited time to spend exercising,
and pilates is a great investment of time.  I am thankful for Monica’s
encouragement and patience.  The sessions are always fun and it’s good
to see Monica, Cary and Ellen each week.

July 11, 2010 · Connor dawson · Comments Closed
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