Testimonial from Becky Breed

For over ten years, I have been a student of Monica Dawson’s pilates studio, Pilates Method.   My initial concern when I came to her was to strengthen my back and my core.  On both counts, Monica’s precision and masterful teaching has helped me become stronger, more flexible – and much more. During a workout, I feel more in my body and experience an increased sense of confidence, encouraging me to attempt exercises that I thought were initially unattainable. 

The sessions are both serious and fun and while Monica has an eye for what my specific body needs, she also incorporates a welcoming, playful attitude towards the issue of personal fitness.  She knows very well what each of us needs to go to the next level, and she appropriately challenges us to keep trying.  Monica executes customized plans for every client with the skill of a master teacher, analyzing the scope and sequence of the Pilates exercises and breaking down the movements when necessary.  She easily customizes the instruction to fit our particular needs and levels of motivation, and within a group session, can successfully instruct 2 – 4 individuals who have varying concerns and levels of ability.

I have personally witnessed Monica assisting clients who come in with injuries.  Whether individuals have knee, hip or back injuries, Monica has made a positive difference in the quality of their lives.  She zeroes in on the particular complaints and assists clients in helping them learn how to strengthen or adapt to their unique situations.  Monica works hard to meet each person’s individual needs and will come back week after week equipped with revised or new exercises to try to change their physical conditions.

More than anything, Monica believes that Pilates not only changes the physical dimensions of people’s lives, but also enhances our emotional and mental attitudes by building on success.  Each session is planned to enable clients to be successful, to feel good about our bodies, and the improved strength, agility and posture that follow.  Whether we make small or big changes, Monica is there – rooting us on, supporting us in every way possible.  She is our eternal cheerleader and supporter of our personal fitness and well being, believing in us even though we still at times carry our small seeds of doubt.

                                                                                    – Becky Breed

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